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Smile please

September 2019



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rain cloud

raingirl26 in photo_scavenger



yes, i know, this was last week's... i'm going backwards, but not for long.


Lovely! I like that extra door and the promise of freedom, as part of the picture.
thanks. it does hold the promise of freedom. there's actually a vacant lot there that has been taken over by homeless people - and the city and the property owner allow them to stay. they police themselves mostly and have created a visual reminder to the middle of the city that they need support.
and how is that you have an appropriate icon for EVERYTHING!!
Cool! What/where is that?
glad you like it! this is in the middle of Portland Oregon along the main street. we have a large Chinese Gate (bigger than S.F., I think) of which you can only see a little here, then to the side of it is a vacant lot where the homeless have taken over and surrounded the lot with cast off doors and created a safe place to sleep. The owner of the lot and the city allow it to continue. It's a visual reminder to the rest of us that people continue to need help.
Hey, it's Portland! I recognize that spot! Just down Burnisde from Powells. I've always loved that gate!
Oh yes, I'm here in Portland. coffee (yours) and rain (mine) - kind of defines our city, no?

I was so pleased when they put the gate in. Though I laughed at it because beyond the gate is a fairly wimpy Chinatown - though we do now have the great Chinese garden!
I actually live in Seattle these days, but I lived in PDX for a long time prior to that. But arguably coffee and rain define both cities pretty well!
yes, we're quite the pair of cities all right.
Lovely! Chinese gates are always so beautiful.
oh they are, aren't they. i have many photos of this gate and always seem to want to take more each time i pass.