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Smile please

September 2019



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alwaysjbj in photo_scavenger

Some nice roots (Get your mind out of the gutter!)

Lovely buttress roots

A (reasonably) young Moreton Bay Fig and the lovely aerial and buttress roots they are known for.

When it grows up it may become as big and beautiful as this one (click for full size)


LOL! I'd forgotten that "rooting" has a different meaning in that part of the globe! babyotto used to tell me how disconcerting it was to see Americans talk about "rooting for the team" (when talking about sports).

Beautiful tree!! It makes me think of the banyan trees we had on Guam when I was a kid.
LOL As I said to CW, I hadn't realised that it was specifically an Australian (Australasian? If our Kiwi neighbours use it too.) slang term.

Banyans are also a Ficus, so same family and genus...they are all such stunning looking trees.
I love those trees - there is something slightly spooky about them.

And I did think it would give the Aussie members of the group the giggles... once I remembered!
LOL I hadn't realised that it was one of the slang terms we don't share with the UK.

I absolutely love figs...it's hard to walk past one without taking a photo.
No - the verb to root here, apart from it being what trees do, is to have a good poke around... hmm... and that could be misconstrued too!

I might say that I rooted around a cluttered shop, or in my wardrobe, or whatever.
LOL Well we do have that usage too, but I guess I just assumed the slang term was a shared one because so many of ours (especially the more colourful ones) are.
Gorgeous! We have a few trees like that where I live, which were imported (maybe from your part of the world).
LOL Possibly (I know you have acquired our Eucalypts and Melaleucas), but I think the Ficus genus is reasonably well-spread around the world, so they could be from anywhere.
Wow, what a gorgeous tree! I would have happily climbed all over that as a kid. Neat!

Also, I had no idea about aussie slang usage. Hee! Learned something new!
Oh yeah--Figs (both Moreton Bay and Benjamina) and Camphor Laurels were my favourite climbing trees when I was a kid!
Love it! I always want to sneak inside and set up housekeeping.
LOL (See above) What is it about trees that makes us want to move in?
What a fantastic tree! I love figs... we have strangler figs in the US, in Florida. They look like something out of a nightmare for all that they're harmless to their host trees!
What an amazing tree!
Magnificent trees!
A very nice, if somewhat spooky tree

Not to mention that I learned some new Aussie slang *g*