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Smile please

September 2019



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Carolyn - Red

spikereader in photo_scavenger

Week 03 - Root

I don't think this is 'technically' a root, but it amused me when I was shopping at the weekend.

Week 03 - Root (Yam)

And just for some actual 'rooting around', baby wild boars, one of which obviously thought there was something worth eating underneath his sleeping siblings. I love their stripey colouring, especially as the parent boars were plain old black.

Week 03 - Root (boars)


Love the baby boars! They'll turn dark like mom and dad as they mature, but that juvenile coloring is lovely.

And what is the thing in the first photo? Besides creepy, I mean. *g*
I loved the boars, too, they ran around for a while, then just collapsed and had a nap wherever they were.

I think that thing was a yam, but it just looked like an old discarded leg to me. *g*
That's what I thought, too: a withered leg with a mutilated foot. ::shudders::
I want to know whether anyone actually bought it!
Really a yam, I thought maybe it was horseradish?
Oh my goodness - what IS that in the first picture? It looks like a couple of very old bandaged legs!

I love the little boars, though.
I think they were yams, but can't quite remember (and I didn't photo the shelf label as a reminder). But a couple of old legs was what it looked like to me, too. I wonder if they actually got sold!

The boars were really cute.
Ah, I really wanted to do boars or pigs rooting, but was too lazy to go look for pictures. :)
I only took these when we were in Yorkshire last summer, so the pics were fairly handy, and fresh in my mind.
Good heavens, those yams or whatever they are look like mummified legs from ancient Egypt! :P Not exactly appetizing, are they!

But the baby boars are much better. Very cute little things.
Mummy legs for lunch!
Hee-- that yam looks like a withered up leg. But rooting baby pigs FTW!