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Smile please

September 2019



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Kindle with books

alwaysjbj in photo_scavenger


This was taken a few years ago when my husband made me this lovely bookcase. It was much tidier than it is now, although it seems to be only partially filled where it is now overflowing--as I haven't really bought a great many more real books (most of my book-buying in recent years has been digital), I can only assume that I hadn't finished moving all the books into it when I took the photo.


Books are a most noble use of paper!
Indeed, they are!

My problem is that I am a teeny bit overrun with books (I have two other old tatty bookcases not shown here that are also very full). What I need to do is go through and sort out which books I actually want to keep, and give the rest to Lifeline--but that is a job for another day.
Certainly a few trees worth of paper there!
Hee! icon-snap!

Yes, just a few... I really must sort them sometime and give what I don't need want to Lifeline.
Hee! icon-snap!

I cropped it from a larger picture about a year ago - and passed mine on to a couple of people. At least one other person, and probably more than one, also cropped from the same picture (I think it may originally have been a kindle ad) - and what is interesting is that we didn't crop in exactly the same place. So yours and mine are almost the same, but not quite.

I have fun working out, when I see it, whether it is 'mine' or someone else's!
LOL Yes, I made myself a couple of icons some time ago too...I think I may have noticed before that our icons are (almost) the same.
I think I may have noticed before that our icons are (almost) the same.

A sign of good taste...
LOL Of course!
What a beautiful piece of furniture.
It is lovely...although a little scary, the shelves (which are hardwood, so very heavy) are resting on two pretty brass pins...if you bump them they come tumbling down. I always gate it off when our grandaughter comes over.
Can never have too many bookcases (well, that's not what my husband thinks--he wails that we have more books than a small town library!). Yours is spaced just right for maximum book storage.
Yours is spaced just right for maximum book storage.

When he was making it, Mark came in and measured my books and made the shelves accordingly, with different shelves for hardcovers, paperbacks and the bottom shelf for all the oversized books...he's a clever boy, really! (Never mind that he forgot to make allowance for getting it through the door and had to pull it apart to get it in and then reassemble it. lol)

Edited at 2013-01-27 12:15 am (UTC)
I do notice things like that! I get around having too tall a shelf by stacking my books horizontally. Must make use of every inch!

Oh, so funny! When we got ready to get rid of the huge old sofa in the basement, we discovered the work we had done in finishing the walls meant there was no way it was going up the stairs in one piece. We had to take a chainsaw to it! O_o