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I generally try not to post archive stuff too often, but come on, paper? What else am I going to post? This is a form from the 1860s, which I photographed for a friend whose kids go to the school it refers to. (They are doing a history project.) It's a form which was sent to apply to set up a school, and it sets out what school provision there is already locally; the kind of people who live locally; and practicalities such as number of pupils, building materials (the flooring will proudly be "best Baltic red deal"), and local fundraising to support the school. It's probably not very interesting in itself unless you know the place, or else you're researching, but it actually tells you quite a bit about money, property holding, building standards, socio-economic make-up. Put it together with plenty of similar forms, and you'll learn a lot.

School grants 001

Below the cut a very dull page from a supplementary form. Which I like purely because of the colour. For some reason, I never picture Victorian files being full of canary yellow paper. Plus an image of the volume exterior. It's number 92 out of 141, and every one of these thick volumes tells you about the creation of dozens of schools.

School grants 013

School grants 017
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