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Smile please

September 2019



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Hmm 2

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


I seem to accumulate a lot of bits of paper in my handbag. These are the ones I just pulled out of it, which have built up over the past two weeks...

 photo paper_zps458b250f.jpg

There seems to be the agenda for, and minutes of, a meeting; a couple of lots of church notice; ditto church prayer notices; and the programme from last night's Burns Supper.


*nods* I have to de-paper my purse fairly often. :)
It is one of those regular jobs! The previous de-clutter was a lot bigger - I remember there were a couple of envelopes with notes written on them, a couple of Christmas cards I'd been given at meetings and forgotten to take out of it, a couple of hand-bills - as well as the ubiquitous church notices!
The papers you stash in your purse are much more attractive than the junky stuff I stuff in mine!
There were also a couple of envelopes with notes scrawled on them the previous time I cleared them out - but the church weekly notices and prayer notes do pile up.
How was the Burns' Night supper? Photos? A&T are here so we had one - but we didn't dress up! What did you have? Totally traditional? We had haggis / mash / neeps in a stack with whisky cream sauce and then a cock a' leekie tagine with spicy, vegetably couscous. We were far too stuffed for cranachan as well!
Burns' night was good.

Pheasant & Pork pate, haggis with taties and neeps and a wee dram, chicken breast with veg and a Drambuie reduction, lemon posset with blueberry compote, coffee and chocolate dipped shortbread.

Haggis addressed by the Speaker of the House of Keys, piper in full regalia - the works.

K did one of the speeches - very well, and the only photos I took were of the pudding! Which I've just posted on my journal.
It's nice to know I'm not the only one with paper build-up in her handbag!
Handbags are paper magnets...I think it's just some unwritten law of the universe.