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Smile please

September 2019



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brutti_ma_buoni in photo_scavenger



You know how just a few possessions never, ever go away? These are my left handed scissors from early childhood. Clearly, they are designed for light craft work, no more. I had another, more grown up pair, even as a kid (blue and white handles), and now have several on my desk at work (orange or black handles), culled from successive offices that bought them just for me, and segregated from office supplies lest other people get confused by the handedness of the scissors. I have kitchen lefty scissors (red), and lefty nail scissors (silver, though damned if I can find them just now, and anyway, doesn't everyone have to do one lot of nails with the 'wrong' hand?).

But these went with me to university, for no very good reason (the tin lid they are in - I realise - is a biscuit tin I had as a first year student 18 years ago, which has since done duty as my odds and sods box). And they are still always the easiest pair to find. I had two pairs, and the other is still at my parents'. They have never been sharpened. Never been fancy. But they work. They are probably functionally my oldest possession. Weird.



I could do with some of those, especially nail scissors. It has never occurred to me to ask if they are available. When I was young (a long time ago) left-handedness was not encouraged. Forbidden in school. My school reports always said 'Josie's handwriting is very poor'. I don't know what else they expected. There are simple things that I can only do with my left hand, such as buttering bread, or eating with a spoon.
I was pretty lucky in those pre-internet days. There was a left handed shop in central London not far from where my mum worked, and she bothered to buy these.

School always had left handed scissors, but you had to ask specially. I now have an awful lot of left handed friends, and it seems odd that it was still so relatively hard to find things that weren't right-handed.

(That said, I was recently on holiday in France where even the coffee cups were right handed - a really squirly design with different height sides, so you had to practically tip it up to get anything to drink if held with your left hand. And there are plenty of things like irons which don't work for me half the time.)
I have a pair of excellent left-handed dressmaking scissors. But in the kitchen I have got used to the sort that are basically either handed, as S2C and D-d are both right-handed.
It depends how long I need to use scissors for; I find I clutch at right-handed ones and get cramp. The joy of living alone of course is that I can have an all-lefty household!
How nice that you still have your childhood scissors!

And yes, I'd say we all have to do half of our fingernails with the wrong hand. LOL
They seem near indestructible, for some reason.

Heh. The nail scissors always make me laugh.
It's awesome that you still have these.
*g* Inadvertent, but it's rather nice now I've noticed them.
I still have the scissors our children started school with; I should ship them off to their homes.
Those are so cute! My mum bought left handed kitchen scissors thinking they'd suit us all(she, my sister and I are all lefties) but I just ended up with a gouged out thumb from using them in my right hand!

None of the left handers I've bought for Bethan have had 'lefty' written on them though. :(

I'm pretty sure my nail scissors are either way up though, neither right nor left.

What I always wanted was a left handed ruler - with the calibration running from right to left, as that's the way I draw my lines!