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Smile please

September 2019



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spikereader in photo_scavenger


There appears to be a predominance of red and black amongst my kitchen scissors. There's a mixture of left and right handed (three lefties to one right in our family, though I'm a lefty who uses scissors in my right hand), a couple of pairs with no right or wrong way of using, some children's craft scissors (if the left handed ones were there at least they'd bring a splash of blue to the picture, but I expect they are languishing somewhere in the mess that is my eldest daughter's bedroom!), and for some strange reason, the hair-dressing scissors with nifty little finger rest which usually live in the bathroom are also in there.

Week 05 - Scissors


I'm afraid there is a glitch in the link....
Oops, sorry so there is. Fixed now though. (and the icon that randomly appeared when I went in to edit was too good not to choose again for this reply!)
Oh yes - the perfect icon!

Your red and black scissors go very well with your red cutlery drawer, too.
The red cutlery tray dates way back to my very first kitchen - red was my accent colour and boy did I use it!! It's now purely accidental that there are so many pairs of red scissors there. :D
Nice set of scissors - and I quite like the red and black colour scheme of the whole photo.
Thank you - the red and black was completely accidental, but I liked how it turned out as a photo.
This scissors prompt is oddly interesting, isn't it? All sorts of things about people's lives, and plenty of left handers!
Scissors have been a lot more interesting and varied than I thought they would be.
You win the Most Color Coordinated prize for this prompt!
Why thank you :) (even if it was absolutely accidental! *g*)
I feel a definite lack of color coordination in my drawers!
I'm only colour co-ordinated in places that aren't generally on show!!