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Smile please

September 2019



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slaymesoftly in photo_scavenger


Finally got this to load. I was going to collect scissors from all over the house and pile them up, but was ultimately too lazy. (I have people hair-cutting scissors, dog hair-cutting, nail, small sewing, large sewing, pinking shears, paper cutting (lots because we can never find scissors when we need them), kitchen shears, flower cutting.... yeah, I could go on) Anyway, I settled on two pairs of sewing shears - both old, one so old it is an antique. Both came from an elderly cousin who was a wonderful seamstress and who died shortly after I got married. She had no children and her large houseful of belongings was divided between my mother (and by extension, me and my sister) and her deceased sister's husband.



I like the old scissors the best... I feel like the loving use is passed down with them.
Yes, I love knowing how much they were used and by whom.
Looks like a very useful set - are they still sharp?
They are, actually. Probably because I haven't used them very much. I don't remember the last time I did much sewing other than mending or hemming.
What a good reminder of family - a really useful heirloom.
They are. I think of Pearl every time I see them.
My mother had a pair of black scissors like those. I'm most intrigued by the dog led pair. They would probably be great for cutting out.
Those are a good choice. I think mom has a pair like the right-hand one, and I've never seen anything like the left-hand one!
The left hand ones are handy because they allow the fabric to stay flat on the table or floor while your hand is working the handles.
I like to use things that remind me of loved ones.
Both pairs look well used - a great reminder to have. The angled pair look especially useful.