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Apologies to those of you who've seen this one already - I've only just realised that I posted it to my journal instead of the comm.

A few years ago we had a holiday in Carnac, France, which is famous for masses upon masses of standing stones. The stones closest to where we were staying were generally arranged in lines, but some had gone slightly astray. This picture always amuses me, with one stone appearing to be in camoflage and the other having successfully escaped over the fencing!

Week 06 - Stone

I was going to use a picture of my desk to illustrate paper - I'm almost drowning in the stuff at the moment - but realised that you could see my scissors (usually kept in the drawer of my desk, otherwise they 'disappear' forever), and also a couple of stones (some fools' gold that I use as a paperweight, and some magnetic stones that are useful for holding little reminders).

Week 06 Challenge - Paper Scissors Stone
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