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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


This is a picture taken a few minutes ago of my backyard wall, which like the rest of those in our terrace, is a stone wall;

stone 003

But I couldn't resist adding this second as it is one of my favourite pictures - I love the 'abstractness' of it.

365 week 50 Friday

It shows the rock formation at the bottom of Onchan Head - and, as you can tell by the seawater in the hollows, it is the ground surface - so horizontal. And clearly those, now vertical, layers would have first been formed horizontally and upheaval has caused them to lie as they do. A friend who is a geologist explained to me that this particular stone is "an instance of contact metamorphism where an older sedementary rock (limestone, apparently, which can also be varved, or deposited in distinctive layers) is cooked by contact with an intrusive igneous body".


Very nice, both of those. I love the look of ferns against stone.
Thank you, yes - there is a nice contrast of textures when you get fern and stone together.
Both are very nice, but I think I like the bottom one just that bit more, because it's so elemental if you like...
I know what you mean about the bottom one - it's why it's one of my favourites.
Those are both wonderful shots.
Thank you.
Ooh, that second one made me yearn for the seaside.
Hmm - where is your nearest bit of stony/rocky coast?
My nearest coast is West Sussex, down past Chichester, which is 1.5-2 hours from here. But that's largely sandy/pebbly.
Quite a hike, really. Any yearning for the seaside calls for careful planning!
Yes, and a day off work. Every so often I feel the atavistic desire to do it anyway.
Like them both, but the bottom one especially. In the Oslo fjord there is a lot of those kind of rock formation. Hard on the soles of your feet in the summer.
Hard on the soles of your feet in the summer.

It is, isn't it? Definitely you need your sandals on to walk over it.
Lovely delicate little flowers in the wall...
In theory they are more weeds - but I quite like the way they inhabit the crevices in the wall so I leave them!
I don't remember noticing that you had such a lovely organic stone wall before now.
It's there in the background of some of the garden pictures - but not usually taking centre stage!
I love the way your wall has small plants growing in it. The delicacy of the plants and the craginess of the rock is a pleasant contrast. I also like the rock formation, but wouldn't want to walk on it, even with shoes.
The odd little ferns and other bits of trailing stuff just grow there naturally - but I really like them too.

And I totally agree about that bit of rock - I have walked on it in my shoes, but it is not comfortable!
Both lovely pictures, but the second is probably my favourite, the light and the lines and the water make for a stunning combination.