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Smile please

September 2019



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slaymesoftly in photo_scavenger


A warm sunny day and suddenly it looks more like spring than winter! Poor little things have been trying to bloom for weeks. Note the little bees - they were everywhere! The whole yellow-carpeted area was a buzz. It was kinda neat.



Good for the intrepid little bees!
Definitely almost spring where you are. Here in Australia we have been through a very hot, dry summer and I get the impression that my trees are about to herald Autumn.
We've had a lot of dry summers - our trees weren't pretty at all this year. They just sort of shriveled up and dropped their leaves very early in the season.
Wow, flowers in February feels so alien to me. We don't dare plant anything here until after the Victoria Day weekend (3rd weekend of May), because of chance of frost.

Of course, there are native perennials that are hardy enough to be up in April...
Well, these are known as "winter aconites". They appeared in January this year. They always come up early, bloom for a few weeks, have foliage for another month, and then are gone - poof! invisible by April or May, not to be seen again until the late in the next winter.
Oh aren't the little bees cute? They look as if they are rolling around slightly drunkenly in the flower celebrating the sunshine.
They do, don't they? Alas, this morning is chilly and the forecast is for cold rain, changing to snow later. I hope they found somewhere warm to hide. :)
So pretty and cheerful!
Those are lovely:-)

Here it'll be at least another month before the forsythia breaks out; I want flowers!
LOL That's the nice thing about the aconites - they're late winter/early spring flowers, so they don't really care about the weather. But they won't bloom unless there's sun and lots of it. But it's going to be March soon - the daffodils and forsythia will be popping out soon too.
I saw a robin the other day (I live in Kansas), and I shook my head at his silliness! He has returned way too soon or he knows something I don't.
LOL - maybe he knows something you don't. :) We have a dusting of snow and very icy roads this morning, so I'm pretty sure the bees won't be out today!
So pretty. I love how the bees look as though they are taking a nap in the flower.