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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


We are in the season between seasons - it is neither winter nor spring. But it is the season of hope - we have snowdrops already;


And the odd hint of sunshine (this was Thursday - not today!), brings the colour to the daffodil buds here and there making us hope the worst of the winter is behind us;

daffodils on Valentine's Day.


There is always hope. :)
Beautiful!I've not seen any daffodils yet.
There are none actually in flower yet - these were the furthest forward ones I've seen. It was a good feeling to see them so close to open, though.
Lovely to see sunshine and blooms!
Isn't it! We had a couple of lovely bright days, then yesterday it was damp and grey, today it is bright again - there is certainly the feeling that we are vacillating between seasons! But I think there will be more winter, yet.
We have plenty of sunshine--even when it's below freezing--but it will be some time before the daffodils are in bloom. Bojojr and Bumberjean are home for the weekend. They started the morning with an inch of snow, but it was 55°F/12°C here. Should be a lovely 63°F/17°C tomorrow, but then it's back to 19°F/-7°C. I will enjoy the blooms when they come, but I'll have to be patient!
These were the first I had seen so close to being open - a real sign that spring is on the way. But they may yet find themselves buried in snow, of course.

Our temperatures do not swing as much as yours - since early November we have not gone above 10c or below -5c, so a pretty narrow range! Whereas yours is clearly the climate for which the clothing advice to wear multiple layers was invented :)
It's been feeling fairly springy (spring-like?) here the last couple of days, with some beautiful warm sunshine, but no flowers spotted yet so I will revel in your pretty pictures.
Thank you - there are definitely hints of spring. Actually a friend tells me her neighbour has a row of open daffs up either side of his path - but she says she thinks they are so regimented by him that they daren't do anything other than be the first ones to flower in her village!
Already?! Wow, I've not seen any yet. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing the first flowers emerge from winter's long grip.
The snowdrops have been out for a few weeks - and now the daffs are actually opening.