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September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger

Time - replay

For this challenge cairistiona7 posted a picture of a clock in Ft. Myers Beach, Florida. I commented that it looked rather familiar - I said that it reminded me of the Millennium Clock in a local villages and cairistiona7 asked if I could post a picture.

Well here it is - I took this in the village near my mother's home on Saturday when I was at the local shop - just across the road from the clock.

Andreas Village Millenium Clock

It is very similar, except for the shape of the base.

Oddly enough this wasn't the one that first came to mind, this the one in Andreas, whereas I had actually thought of the one in Baldrine! But there are at least two the same on the island, and I think there are actually more. I get the feeling someone came in 1998 and suggested it to all the small local authorities as a good way to mark the Millennium...


That is certainly impressive for a 'small scale' clock, as against a time piece in the tower of a large building.
It is rather nice, isn't it? It is just outside the school, and can be seen from all three shops - so very much in the heart of the village.
I think that's a beautiful clock.
It is a rather nice way to commemorate the millennium.
Very stylish clock, and it does look rather millennarian.
We seem to have bought them as a job-lot, to be honest!
We don't have many regular clocks about the town any longer. Most of them are digital signs, telling the time and temperature. Yours is more attractive.

A lot of our villages have a village clock - although some of them it is in the church tower. But these new ones for the millennium are rather smart.
Oh, very nice, and it does have the same style as the one I saw in Florida--I wonder if they were made by the same manufacturer, or if it's simply a matter of it being a classic style. I imagine it's probably the latter.

Edited at 2013-02-25 01:40 pm (UTC)
I agree - it probably is the latter - but you can see why yours reminded me of this, and the other one or two like it!