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Smile please

September 2019



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suzy_74 in photo_scavenger


Doing one for last week challenge as well. Had these pics within easy reach so I'm going with a view of one of my favorite places.

"My" beach...

In the winter...

Beach at winter photo 327247e9-b715-4c9d-a28b-7ad2c8fe495a_zps1a93bff3.jpg
West coast of Sweden, Winter 2010.


in the summer.

 photo bf9e34d0-4518-492d-b3b0-e6fc26ac4677_zps1d7137b2.jpg
West coast of Sweden, Summer 2012.


Both beautiful in different ways.
Thanks! :)
Great pictures!! I love the contrast of the seasons. I love how you can see how everything changes with the seasons; the sky, the water the sand and the grass. Beautiful, no wonder it's your favorite beach.
Yes! That was exactly what I was going for. Unfortunately I didn't have a spring or fall pic. I'm sure a stormy fall could have brought yet another view to it. :)
Nice idea!
Yay! :)
Oh that first one looks so cold! But I'll gladly stroll along the second. Both are beautiful photos.
If it's windy (which it mostly are) it is extreamly cold. I only ever go down to the beach when the sun is out in the winter. If you get ice on the water it is an incredible sight. :)
It is no wonder that, so many years ago, the Norsemen felt at home on our small island, as I could so easily have taken those pictures within a couple of miles of my mother's house.

And, as your picture of Copenhagen reminded me of Douglas, the similarities have obviously remained!
Oh, Now I feel I must investigate your Island! I am sure I'd love it there. :P
What a beautiful locations! I love beach photos and these are great ones.
They are my favorites too. Beaches or just the sea in general. :)
I love these two photos. Do you live near that beach? (If so, I'm incredibly jealous!).
Have spent all my summers there. My parents have a vacation home there so I go there pretty often, all year round. It's only about 80km away from where I live. Great for a weekend escape. :)