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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


Not the best picture I've ever taken - but you can imagine the motion of the ferry...

365 week 47 Wednesday

And what better show of the power of motion than the sea in a storm...

stormy weather Nov 2011 Douglas 3


I love that first picture. It's very atmospheric - all dark and dreary with the ferry in the background.
And yes, waves are the very definition of motion. :) When we went on our Alaska cruise, the captain said (before we left the calm inner passage and crossed the Bay of Alaska) "remember, we are on the ocean, and the ocean is always in motion!" His way of warning that the smooth ride might be over for a while - which it was the second time across....
Mmm - I can imagine the ocean probably gets into a good deal of motion around Alaska!
I think it's pretty calm and safe during the summer months - which is when the cruises take place. But it is one of the world's nastier places in the winter and during storms. I'm sure, in the event of really, really rough weather, the cruise ships wouldn't cross it.
I really like the first pic as it shows a little of where you live as well, and reinforces the facts of living on an island. The other one is stunning, you can really see the force of the water as it washes in.
Yes - the reality of island life - no boat means no post, no newspapers, and a rapid dwindling of stock in a lot of the shops. We produce our own milk, meat, vegetables - but we don't make our own toilet paper... :)
We have similar problems here.
Oooh, that's a powerful seascape.
Thank you - it was too rough, the day of the second one, for the boat to sail at all!
I can imagine that motion all too well. Meep.
She is pretty well stabilised - but I think that would have been a day for sitting as close as you could get to the centre of the boat, and not moving much.
You take the absolute best sea/ocean pictures.
Thank you - it is a very good subject! Although you have to just take what it gives you.
I really like the first one. That second one is scary! Water can be fierce...
Thank you. It was, most certainly, a day for looking at the sea but keeping the feet firmly on land!
Love those crashing waves!
Thank you. I love to watch the sea when it is like that as long as I have no need to go on the boat!
These are wonderful! I think it is very difficult to get good photos of water in motion and that second one is perfect. I love the lighting in the first one too.

Edited at 2013-03-03 07:30 am (UTC)
The first one was taken in that grey light you get at 9a.m. on winter mornings. I must admit that I really do like that second one myself. Although a 'pretty' background would have been nice I think the large industrial shed, and the car, help give a sense of just how big those waves actually are.
Oh, that second one is beautiful. I love the sea in motion.

p.s. wombat tummy rubs, just for you:


Thank you - I think, when I look at that second one, that the taxi driver would have had to do a trip to the car wash to get rid of all the salt!

And as for the wombat - that is probably the cutest wombat ever- and gives me the urge to roll over and demand a tummy rub right now!
I love the power of the second photo, but the first one is so representative of where you live.
the first one is so representative of where you live

Thank you! Yes - no boat for a couple of days and certain things become in short supply! The other thing I like about that picture is that it shows how quickly the land climbs up from the sea in some places.
Great photo of the wild sea.
Thank you - it is a very good subject - it has so many moods.
Lovely pic of the ferry leaving. Oh my, wouldn't want to be caught in those waves though!!! *shivers* Nature in it's beautiful but scary forces.

The waves were fiercely powerful that day. It was a good day for not being on the boat!
I love both of those photos... although if I have to be out on it, I prefer my sea be calm and friendly!
Thank you - and me too! Definitely.
I love the colouring in the first picture, and can hear those waves crashing in the second. That's a fabulously rough sea.