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September 2019



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brutti_ma_buoni in photo_scavenger


So... what's happening here? It's from last summer's study school in history of art. We were studying late medieval techniques and technical art history. And one afternoon, they made us Do Art. Not - as you can see - original art. We were using medieval techniques, gesso-covered panels, tracing outline drawings with charcoal (which works really well - we had only a couple of artily competent types with us, but most of these are recognisable copies of a medieval underdrawing), and then playing with different types of paint (tempera and oil), grinding our own pigments (lapis, malachite and I can't remember what the red is). Fascinating stuff, and eye-opening, especially the egg tempera. It was a baking July day, and we could barely paint two strokes before it dried out (the pale blue, which more or less vanishes as we had to water it so much to get the paint to move). The oil paint is also interesting, because it changes colour with time. This bluey green is now grass green on my own panel (yes, we got to take them home). Not all study has to be from books!


That is absolutely fascinating - I think I would really have enjoyed it.
It really was fascinating - this part and the technical examination in general, seeing under layers of paint to understand their creation.

Tempera dries so you can't blend - so the individual strokes stay in perpetuity, like these where you can mostly see each brush movement, which you shouldn't. And it was used all over medieval Italy. Imagine the artist stress in hot weather!
My first thought when I read the prompt was an art study, but I don't have anything like that around to photograph. I'm glad to enjoy yours while I rack my brain to come up with my own take on the prompt. Trying out art techniques would be fascinating.
Thanks! It's rather a fun photo, for sure. And it was a wonderful activity to try.
What an interesting solution to the challenge. It must have been an enjoyable experience, even if the weather was rather hot.
Thanks! It was absolutely fascinating as a week away from everyday things.
What fun!
Thanks! It was indeed.
I love that all the pictures are the same but different. I don't know that I'd be any good with the painting, but making your own paints and finding out the different properties of different types sounds fascinating.
It was fascinating how different they were; we were mostly nervous about painting but we all found out interesting things.
Ooh, very nice - and that course sounds absolutely fascinating
How interesting! That's really great. And I'd love to study like that.