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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


it took a lot of study to achieve this study of excellence... these young people are all about to graduate with BA honours degrees in History. (I have pictures of smaller groups, and showing more of the auditorium - but I rather like the almost abstract effect of this one!)

Graduation 012


Yay for them! I can imagine all the caps flying into the air.
Oh no - there was no cap throwing by this lot - it is a very serious business! although I think a couple of smaller groups may have tried, later, outdoors... :)
Excellent showing of how study can pay off. :)
Thank you. D-d tells me that it really did, too - all those she stayed in touch with do actually now have employment in their preferred fields - mainly involving history one way or another.
There is something a bit abstract about this one. Nice shot.
Thank you - yes - I rather like that abstract quality. Although it is also a bit like playing 'Where's Wally?'!
I like this shot very much. They all look very serious, but it is a serious moment, a culmination of all their hard work.
Yes - it really is a serious moment - a big transition period, and the last time many of them will see each other. I like that air of solemnity too.
That's a lot of study...
Many, many years of it when you add them all together!
Oh, I love looking at all of the different expressions on their faces. Great fun to try and figure out what they might be saying and who the class genius is. : )
Thank you - yes, it occurred to me that is actually a bit like playing 'Where's Wally?'! Of course I'd say the class genius is about half way along and a third of the way up, looking rather serious... But then, as her mother, I'm biased!
I used the prompt as a verb, and here you have it as a noun. Those mortarboards represent a great deal of dedication and sacrifice. And a few tears!
I used the prompt as a verb, and here you have it as a noun

I've been trying to find words that work in more than one way to use as prompts.

And yes - a lot of hard studying went into getting to that point!
Oh yes, excellent show of what hard work and study means... Great captured moment I think. All the excitment and buzz.
Thank you. I was fortunate to have a good place in the upper level of seats!