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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


Not my home - but definitely a bit of home building going on here. I took these about 10 days ago - it struck me that it is not often that you have a rookery at eye level and I liked the effect of the trees against the pale sky.

 rookery 002



What a marvelous 'home' to share with us.
Thank you. I do have pictures of my own home - but I thought these were rather fun! And they do imply that we are eventually going to get spring this year.
A very nice home too! Lovely!
They have a sea-view, too!
Oh, a great one for "home"! It's not often I see birds nests period.
There is a rookery quite close to us - but this was in a village a few miles away where there is a steep drop between the road and the sea below, with trees growing on the slope, giving eye-level birds nests!
oh wonderful. we have old nests in our trees, but i've never caught a bird in the act.
These ones were being 'spring cleaned' - there has been a rookery there for a while and they were just tidying and rebuilding - it is such a steep slope that you are level with them from only about 10 feet away!
That first one is especially nice... I like the silhouette effect.

Here's to spring!
I rather like that silhouette too - but the bird sitting was a nice chance catch - hence me posting the two.
This reminds me that I need to take down the old birdhouse before the starlings come back and lay their eggs.
Glad to be of service! Will we see poor, homeless, starlings with all their belongings wrapped in a red handkerchief on the end of a stick?
I certainly hope so! They are such thugs in the bird world. Not quite as bad a blue jays. I was once pelted with baby bird parts by blue jays, and I was scarred for life!