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Smile please

September 2019



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suzy_74 in photo_scavenger


Have trouble finding a good pic for "study" and "home" but I instantly thought of a pic when I saw an old challange from week 6. I hope it's ok to post that now some weeks too late.

 photo TheChief_zpsddb9c0bb.jpg

"The Chief". Can you see him? Taken on my vacation trip last summer, July 2012.

And a second one. It might be hard to see what it is but it was pointed out as a rabbit. And seeing as there have been a rabbit challenge at one time long ago too... I thought why not. :D

 photo TheRabbit_zps7fa29a52.jpg

"The Rabbit" from a vacation trip in July 2009.

Both pics taken from a bus so it was a wonder they didn't get blurry. (Or obscured by dirty windows)


these are great. makes me want to photograph the bushes i drive past that look like puppy dogs.
You should! It's so fun when you discover something like that.
I saw the rabbit immediately, but the chief took me a little longer. I can't believe you took these from a moving bus. Where were you on vacation? It looks like somewhere in the American Southwest.
The Chief is taken on a small Island in the Mediterranean Sea called Minorca. The guide had mentioned this ahead of time so when the rock came into view I just snapped a lot of pics. At the time I couldn't see it but once at home I realized I had managed to captured it in one of the pics, catching just the right angle to se it.

The Rabbit is in New Zealand. And if I recall it correctly the bus stood still for the picture taking. :)
Fascinating how so many places, if you just see an out-of-context geographical photo, can look so much the same while being nowhere near each other.
I see the Chief! And what looks like a hawk or eagle on the other side, and a Pukel-man on the front... gosh, it's like one of those optical trick drawings where you see how many faces you can find in the tree.

And bunneh!! He looks like he's about to leap over that fence.

Where were these taken?

Hee, you see a lot more in that rock than me! :D

First is taken on a small Island in the Mediterranean Sea called Minorca. Second one is in New Zealand.
Those are both great shots!
I like them a lot! :D
Great pics! I always think rocks like these are 'Guardians' of the environment.
That is a lovely thought!
I love the rabbit especially - and I can see the chief clearly, too.
I can see both!
I love these! Great photos and I it's great that you took them from a moving car without the blur.
The first one was a lucky shot. In the second one the bus stood still so had plenty of time. :)