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Smile please

September 2019



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mrowe in photo_scavenger


11 - home

Slightly over two years ago... just before I moved herein

edited for ambiguity
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I love those windows. Great place.
It looks as if it would have been a rather nice place with those big windows looking out onto green space.

I hope the new place is at least as nice, if not nicer.

*reads again*

Umm, yeah, just a bit ambiguous

This is the new place *g*
Ah - goes back and re-reads...

I'm glad it is the current place in that case - as it looks lovely!
It is:)
What a bright room, so full of potential.
I'm rather fond of it *g*
It is a lovely, bright space. Would you consider posting another pic of how it looks now. I'm just interested in how it looks with your furniture, etc. arranged in it.
Of course:)

It doesn't photograph well in this direction with the furniture in - it isn't quite as cramped and messy as it looks here *g*

It's really nice, and I would love to look at the contents of your display cabinets.

PS I had a jolly good clean up before I took a pic of my 'study'. It was good, I found documents I had been looking for!
*g* on the clean-up

I'll try and get a few shots of the display case at some point.
That would be great!
What a lovely, light-filled space.
I fell pretty much in love with it:)
I love rooms with lots of windows to let the light in and it feels original to me because it's not strictly square walls, right?

I'm glad I was late to this post so I got to see the room furnished as well. Relly lovely to see.
That's right, it's sort of a pie slice (the icon is a 3d floorplan)
I was going to ask for the "after" photo but I see you've already posted it! What a neat space... looks very comfortable and airy. And it must be much bigger than it looks, as you've managed to get the Argonath in there. *g*
And it must be much bigger than it looks, as you've managed to get the Argonath in there.

It's a Klein room, it contains the universe *g*

(pity that doesn't quite work for bookshelves, though)
*reads definition of Klein's bottle*
*follows links to mathematical equations*

*brain implodes*
*retires to drool quietly in a corner*

Note to self: warn for equations next time...