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Smile please

September 2019



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suzy_74 in photo_scavenger


Oh, the anticipation when you're going on an adventure... Super excitment mixed with that nerveous traveling bug I always get.

 photo Bild002_zps1ee3f2a6.jpg

Going on vacation at the crack of dawn, July 2012. And really, I think this is the smallest plane I've ever traveled abroad with.

 photo Bild004_zps6262e0d3.jpg

 photo Bild009_zps96c4a00f.jpg

 photo Bild021_zps239c44d2.jpg


I love travel and planning a trip. Your photos are such fun and they make me want to get on a plane and go. Ah, if only!
Yes, me too! And as it happens, I am planning a new trip for the summer. Yay! :D
I can feel the thrill!
Lovely shots!
I took perhaps 10-15 pics. I love the view you get up there. Maybe I should have posted them all. :P
What lovely pictures. Although that is quite a big plane compared with some of ours!

My daughter flew back to the mainland for uni on this one, on one occasion...

katherine plane photo aircraft2.jpg
Oh wow! That is small! Makes sense for a small island I suppose. Wouldn't that cost a lot more than a ferry though?
The main difference in cost is that the plane went to an airport with a direct bus link to where she lived at uni - the boat in the winter goes to port that required a bus journey and two trains. Check in at our wee airport is only 30 mins before the flight - so from our house here to her house in York took about 4 hours door to door, by sea it took over 10 hours.

But, with her student rail card, the boat was still cheaper and she did often use it. Actually she sometimes did a sort of half way stage and took the train to an airport with a direct rail link to York, which had flights home on bigger planes - more like the one in your picture. If you book well enough in advance that only cost her about £20 more than getting the boat.
Your pics really do capture the thrill of going on holiday. I live on an island too so a plane trip is the most popular option.
Oh, I had to check where you lived. :) Then I have to ask you too, doesn't the flight cost a lot more than a ferry?
If I paid full rate it probably would, but when I am booking a flight I make sure to take advantage of special offers. The ferry to Melbourne is not cheap, and it also departs from the other end of the island, so I would have to include a 3 hour bus trip. Since I mostly go to Sydney, because that is where my heart is, it is more practical and much faster to fly. It is twice as far away as Melbourne. Sydney airport has one amazing benefit that other airports in Australia lack, and that is a train that has a station at the airport. It makes getting into the city easy and cheap. Last time I went I was only going to spend 1 night there so all I needed was a carry on bag. I wish I could travel as easily as that all the time.
This prompt is igniting my wanderlust!
I live for traveling. :)
I especially love the light in the first one:)
Me too. I took one more pic because I thought the sun was ruining the shot but this one came out much much better.
There's something so thrilling about boarding a plane at the crack of dawn!