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For the prompt, Home

I'm running behind on this because I couldn't decide what to post for this one.  I took this photo a couple of years ago but the house is still standing.  It's in worse shape now, but it's still there.
This is a rather sad photo, but because of the way this one made me feel, I decided to use it.  This is a house, once a home, that has been allowed to fall down a piece at a time.I don't know who the owners are or were. but the house is in the middle of a small residential section about fifteen minutes from where I live.  There are occupied homes on either side of this poor house and whenever I drive by, I find myself wondering what it looked like when it was new, who originally built it, who lived there, etc.  So, this is my post for home because once upon a time, this was someone's home.

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