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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


That is my travel icon.

So you can tell travel to me tends to imply sea going...

This ispart of all journeys that take me more than 18 miles from my front door -

365 week 34 Friday

Although it is quite a pleasant way to travel. Once on board we spend the next 3 -4 hours in these surroundings;

Ben-my-Chree lounge photo CafeontheBen.jpg


It must be so interesting to live on an island!
It has its ups and downs - many of them on the boat, if the weather isn't good!

The real downside is never being able to decide to just get in the car and go somewhere - when we lived in England for a few years we could say "Oh - it's nice weather and I have a couple of days off - let's go over to the lakes, or up to Edinburgh, maybe down to York..."

But the upside is that it is a lovely place to live, for so many reasons.
That looks similar to the ferry that travels from Northern Tasmania to Melbourne. It is an overnight crossing, I'm assuming about 12 hours. I haven't travelled on it. When I was considerably younger there was also a car ferry that travelled from Sydney to Hobart and return. That was a 36 hour journey, but a very pleasant and relaxing way to travel, as long as you were not in a hurry to go somewhere.
The Ben does her crossing in under 4 hours - it is really quite pleasant - most of the time!
This reminds me of the ferry trips I used to do to Denmark when I was younger. It was so much fun.
Oh - where were you sailing from?
From Sweden. for some reason I thought you knew that's where I'm from. :)

Living in the south it is very close to Denmark and when I was a kid my family took a lot of days trips there during the summer. It was before they build a bridge so the ferry was the only way.
That would be a nice trip - how long did the crossing take?
Oh, not long at all, about 20 min. Of course, this is the crossing where Sweden and Denmark is the closest to each other. (Helsingborg-Helsingør)

If you'd go between Malmö and Copenhagen it would take a little longer, perhaps even the double. But you can't do that anymore because now there is a bridge instead.
I thought it must be about that - it would be like the crossing I made when I visited my friend douglasservant who lives on Skye. The ferry from Mallaig to Skye takes about that long - and they, also, now have a bridge.
Oh, it looks lovely there. I really need to visit Scotland and it's various locations. Well, one can dream at least! :P
I can see having a GPS unit would be beneficial when you travel, but do you know your island so well that you find no use for it when you are at home.

I was thinking of our GPS and how it has so little to do in comparison to some other areas of the country. If we were to drive from Kansas City to Denver, all it would have to say was "Take I-70." Then, it would be silent for 9 1/2 hours!
I don't use one on the island - I think I know every road and track.

I remember D-d saying, at the age of about 7, to S2C as we went somewhere along a road that didn't quite go where I expected, "Mummy never gets lost, Daddy - just sometimes she doesn't know exactly where she is for a minute or two until she gets to somewhere else."

That pretty well sums it up. And, of course, I know when a 'road' on the map is actually a track across a field, and when it is actually a proper road with plenty of rooms for vehicles to pass each other etc.; which, I'm told, GPS brought onto the island often doesn't!

I think I might rather like the idea of a trip where the satnav would be able to go to sleep for 9 1/2 hours!

Also - I am now imagining how one of them copes with the sea journey, if you were to bring it up out of the car and have it switched on...
I like travelling by ferry, though I don't think I'd ever want to do a cruise (unless it was one round Norway and Iceland).
I would rather fancy a cruise around Scandinavia, too.