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Smile please

September 2019



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spikereader in photo_scavenger


A ferry from me too - a chain pulled car ferry that travels between Sandbanks and Studland in Dorset. Unlike curiouswombat's ferry journey, this one took about 4 minutes!

Week 12 - Travel


Hmmmm - okay, ladies. I'm off to take a picture of our local ferry. It's just used to cross a river - above the fall line, so where it's not terribly wide, but still....
Excellent - the more the ferrier!!

(sorry *g*)
I'm enjoying seeing how folks travel. :)
I'm enjoying this too.
It's good fun, isn't it!
She's a good size for a chain ferry!
I'm glad it wasn't any smaller - we'd have been waiting for hours to get across, instead of about 45 minutes. I think it's extremely popular, as the driving alternative is a 25 mile route.
That's a big boat for a little journey!
Yes! It's a popular route, as it saves you a 25 mile drive, well worth the wait in the queue.
I don't think i'ver been on a ferry like that. Perhaps when I was really young. Not sure if it's a memory or not. :D
It's a good idea for a short trip, just gets pulled from one side of the river to the other by the chains.
I love seeing things that are so everyday to others and are very exotic to me. Kansas is about 1500 miles from the Atlantic and the Pacific, so I don't encounter great bodies of water daily!
I suppose our nearest coastline is about 100 miles away - your spacious plains and prairies are something I've never experienced.
I'd love to ride on that with my car. My car's never been on a ferry. Love the photo too. It looks as if I am coming onto the ferry now. Did you take this from your car?