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Smile please

September 2019



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slaymesoftly in photo_scavenger

Travel and Box

Catching up a little...

The epitome of a "big box" store. I actually took pics of several - a Home Depot; Bed,Bath and Beyond; and Party something, but let's face it, Wal-Mart is the queen of big box stores. :)

 photo P1010400_zps2c2ae3aa.jpg

And, in keeping with a small theme we have going - this is my chosen way to get from one side (my state) to the other side (another state) of the river, instead of going several miles in one direction or another and fighting terrible traffic (one way) or adding unnecessary miles to my trip (the other way). The shortest distance between two points and all that....

 photo P1010406_zpsef845991.jpg


A 'big box' store -- genius. :)
:) That's what they call 'em (usually when people are objecting to having one built in their small town or neighborhood).
That's an interesting ferry. I've never been on a chain ferry - so it looks so much more interesting than our big ship to me!
It's all good - unless the cable breaks.... (Not that it's happened very often, but it HAS happened.)

It's really a delightful ride. You can get out of your car and watch the water going by or just enjoy the fresh air. In summer there would be people canoing, fishing, or wading on the other shore line.
Jubal Early--it's probably telling that my first thought is about a bounty hunter on Firefly rather than a Civil War general.
I wondered if anyone would do a big-box store. And wow! That ferry sure sits low in the water.
It does, doesn't it? Never noticed that before. And it wasn't even full. Must take a closer look the next time I'm crossing. :)
I haven't seen one of those ferries for years. They are a very practical way of getting across.

And if you have a big box store, use it! Well done.
Our ferry is very busy all year round. It's very inconvenient when it has to close for any reason (floods, too much ice coming down the river, stuff like that)

All the big stores are in shopping centers in the not-too-far-away much bigger town. And they are welcome to stay there. It's nice to have them accessible, but I wouldn't want one in my little town.
I tend to feel the same way about big box stores. We don't have any here.
I didnt know they were called that.

Hee many ferries but all different models. Cool.
Whoa, the ferry! I didn't even know such things still existed! (Down here you can just DRIVE through many riverbeds...)
LOL Yeah, even this far above the fall line, that wouldn't be a good approach for the Potomac River. You'd get very, very wet. :) The ferry is awesome. So much more fun than a bridge in that same place (which is not likely to happen - money for something like that isn't available)
Nice set of photos.

*likes the ferry*
Great photos! I like your angle on the box prompt very much! : )
Thanks. I was kind of surprised no one else did it before I got around to taking my pics.