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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


I have been sitting looking at two boxes that live beside my hearth, and planning on using a picture of one of them.

But then, today, my daughter gave me an Easter Egg - in a beautiful box;


Here they are;

box 2

They are the boxes in which I keep candles, night-lights, candle holders, tapers, matches and so on as I like to have candles on the hearth, at least in winter.

The red lacquer one was a present from my sister some years ago. The bottom one must have had food in it at some time, but I have had it so long that I really can't remember exactly where it came from. Here is a closer look at it;

box 3

The light is all wrong on that second one - but at least you can see the picture on the lid.


They're all lovely, but the one with the big chocolate egg.....
You really can't beat a good chocolate egg!
I hope the egg is as delicious as the box suggests.

The provisions box is very interesting.
The chocolate should be good - it is a Marks & Spencer fair-trade one.

The wooden provisions one is interesting, isn't it?
Yes, ti would have a story to tell.
All three are lovely, and so homey.
Thank you. The tiny wooden crate is particularly homely - it seems to have been part of 'home' for ages.
Wonderful boxes. I like the picture on that last one. And I like the contents of the first one. : )
I a still admiring the look of the first one too much to break into it!
A nice variety. The more boxes I see pictured, I'm reminded of boxes I have that I could have posted. I have a dynamite box...
Oh - you should post a picture of that!
That first box is lovely, but mostly I'm very impressed by your self-control and ability to waste take time getting a picture before devouring the contents.
I am being very restrained - it is still untouched. Mind you we have chocolate trifle yesterday, and simnel cake, so there wasn't really room for chocolate egg!
What a lovely Easter box. Mmm. Yummy! :D

I really like the last box. I'd also guess it must have been some kind of food in it.
I do like that wooden box - it is really useful, as well as interesting.