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Smile please

September 2019



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Carolyn - Red

spikereader in photo_scavenger


When is a box not a box?

Week 13 - Box

I work for a company that manufactures cardboard boxes - here are some making their way along the conveyor to the warehouse ready for despatch to customers.

Box Spice

Box Charlie



That was an interesting take on boxes, and of course the boxes occupied by cats are irresistible!
I spend my days surrounded by boxes - and I can never resist a cat-in-a-box!

(Apologies for the delayed response, life and school holidays happened!)
LOVE those cat pics!
Thanks - they're a lovely bunch of kitties. (Apologies for the delayed response, life and school holidays got in the way!).
This prompt was made for you! What a fabulously different shot that none of us could have gotten. And of course I'll never object to cats in (or out of) boxes.
It was indeed the perfect prompt for me, glad you enjoyed the little look into the manufacturing process.

(Apologies for the delay in responding, life and school holidays happened!).
The best thing about cats in boxes is probably the 'of course it fits'-attitude they all have.
A box will always fit a cat!

(Apologies for the delay in responding, life and school holidays happened!).
I didn't realise you worked for a box making company - now there is a product the modern world cannot cope without!

And how I recognise all those cat places.
Yes, we're a box manufacturer - not a process I'd ever thought about until I started working there! I find it fascinating.

(Sorry for not replying sooner - school holidays and life in general got the better of me!).
We all have such different takes on the most ordinary prompts. It's fascinating.

I never tire of photos of cats in boxes. It's a good thing the Internet is comprised of cats in boxes!
Yes, I love all the different responses to the prompts, especially when they are something I'd never have thought of.

Boxes are made for cats. :)

(Sorry for the delayed reply, life caught up with me a bit!).
But of course manufacturing of boxes is spot on!

There can never be enough of cats in boxes. :D
This prompt seemed absolutely made for me! I love cats in boxes (and in bags) - and mine always oblige!

(Sorry for the delayed reply, RL intervened!).