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Smile please

September 2019



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mrowe in photo_scavenger


Because cats go with bags almost as well as they do with boxes...

14 - bag a

14 - bag b
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Love these! I almost missed the "inside man" in the first shot.
Those are adorable.
It's their special talent
They do, indeed go well with bags, too! I love that one eye and one ear peaking out of the bag.
Strategically, it wasn't the best place, but cute...
LoL! Almost missed the first one too. How cute!
Well-hidden cat:)
Is the top one a "crinkle bag" or just a regular cloth bag? I've thought about either buying or making a crinkle bag for our cats... but considering how much they love just any old bag they come across, I'm not sure it's worth spending money and/or time on.
It's a crinkle bag; and the ladies too will play with any bag.
These are wonderful. As I type this, I have a cat on my lap and one sleeping just above me on top of the computer desk, so I adore all photos of cats. : )
Wonderful! I believe cats go with everything!
And if not it's certainly not for lack of trying...
I nearly missed the cat in the first bag. It's a bit like when I go into the bedroom and I will see just half an ear sticking out from under the bedclothes. Smokey is keeping me company as I work on the computer. Thankfully he doesn't lie on my lap. He is a very large, but not overweight cat, who weighs 10 kilos.

Edited at 2013-04-05 06:12 pm (UTC)
10 kilos? *is impressed*

Pixel (the mostly black one) has worked out the lap thing recently, but she's tiny, so it's not a problem (and it's more convenient than her other perch, lying on my left arm on the desk as I type).
Lidy, the other one, is too bouncy to settle down for more than five seconds, so is usually sitting somewhere nearby.
Smokey is an 'Australian Mist'. It is a special breed that was developed here to produce a cat that is happy to stay indoors at night, as some Australian states now have curfews. They are bred 50% Burmese (which are absolutely huge cats!), 25% Abyssinian and 25% domestic tabby. He has a gorgeous personality, and is very intelligent. They say you can't train cats, but he is trainable. Of course, since he came to live with us he has had his freedom, which he totally enjoys, but when we are going to bed we call him in, and he goes to bed with us, in our bed, of course. Don't all cats, given the choice?
Sounds like an interesting breed - although either the 'type' for Burmese has changed or there are variations in the definition, because iirc they should be medium/compact/muscular (i.e. around 4 to 6 kilos, but 'solid'); my parents' Burmese certainly weren't particularly large. But at whatever weight, like Siamese, Burmese are definitely too smart for their owners' good *g* (and definitely trainable, if they see a reason to learn).
My husband has seen a male Burmese, father of a cat he bought for his daughter, and says he was massive. I think they were used as guards for royalty, in the same way as large cats were used in ancient Egypt. Smokey is 10 kilos of muscle and charm.
Toms tend to be bigger anyway, but afaik Burmese are a fairly new breed, so I'm not sure about the royal guard cats. Smokey sounds lovely.