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Smile please

September 2019



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debris4spike in photo_scavenger


This box (plus the "filling" was a gift to me from my Grandmother on my 18th .... back in 1979 a 1908 coin seemed ancient ... now it seems even older!

 photo DSC_0119-1_zps16ef9c82.jpg


Very cool!
History in miniature!
Thank you for sharing so many memories with us today.
Glad to be able to get up to date - and share the memories at the same time.
What a lovely box - and what a neat present for your 18th birthday.
History in miniature!!
But what a wonderful gift to have now to treasure
History in miniature ... I love things that are "forever"
Ooooooo, lovely! I'm sure you treasure it. Great photos too. The detail on the coin is so clear.
Thanks very much - a special gift indeed.
A fun, but special, gift.
An interesting gift!
It is great to have a piece of history as an 18th pressie.
What an interesting gift. IWhich king is on the reverse?
1908 = Edward VII ... 1901 - 1910 (Son of Victoria)
I thought it looked like Edward, and after I made the comment I realised that you had mentioned the date of the coin. I'm Australian, and when I was at school we mostly learned British history, as we were still part of the empire back then. I know more about the Kings and Queens of England than I do about Australian Prime Ministers.
I'm OK with Royalty in the last 200 years ... before that I get the dates a bit muddled ... as to our Prime Ministers .... I get very lost. (Yes, I'm a Royalist!)
So am I. I have tremendous admiration for Queen Elizabeth. She performs a very difficult role with grace. My husband, a retired photographer, travelled with her as a publicity photographer on 2 royal tours, as well as the Beatles and Colonel Sanders. He said when he was invited on the Britannia he didn't really have an attitude about royalty, but when he met the queen he was putty in her hand in an instant. He said she really has some sort of aura about her.
I have never met the Queen ... almost did a couple of weeks ago, but she had to cancel due to ill health.

Someone from our Church went to a garden party and he said that she was just so charismatic that it wasn't till later he realised how short she actually is.

She is an amazing lady.
I'm sorry you missed out on meeting her. I think that would be the experience of a lifetime.