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Smile please

September 2019



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Cheshire Cat goes Whee!

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


This is my daughter, about to set off for a long trip in 2011, in which she circumnavigated the globe.

katherine sets off JPG

See the red floral satin bag she is carrying? It's mine. I bought it for me as a weekend bag. And my daughter told me how naff and unstylish it was - she couldn't understand how I could have chosen it. And yet... not only did it do this trip with her - but she has used it as a flight bag for at least three other trips.

Which means she has used it more than I have.


What an amazing Adventure for her (and the lovely bag).
She had a great time. The bag survived the trip, at any rate!
Hahaha, I guess it must be a great bag then, however untyslish it may be? :D

It is a very useful bag, she admits, despite her opinion of my taste!
Obviously, naff as the bag may be she found it extremely useful.
Absolutely! And, despite her opinion, I still rather like it anyway :P
Lol. It sounds like a very well-traveled bag and your daughter sounds like a very well-traveled person. I envy her and the bag. : ). Great photo! Your daughter is lovely!
She does love to travel when she can. She is a very pretty young woman, I think (although I am biased!) She's better looking than either parent, to be honest. Although that picture was taken about 7.30 am, and she had only had about 3 or 4 days between finishing college and setting off, so she was looking a bit drawn and wan, for her!

This icon is from a picture taken about 4 weeks later.
She is lovely and in the icon she looks like she is having fun. : )
Oh, those daughters! I've been accused of being unstylish. It works in my favor, however, because my daughter now buys my handbags as Christmas gifts.

Your bag looks to be a very convenient size for travel.
It is a very convenient size; which is why I bought it - as well as liking the slightly Chinese feel of the red satin. Such a convenient size that that overcomes how naff a young lady in her 20s might feel carrying it, apparently.

I got a rather nice new handbag for my birthday, from my mother. But it was chosen by D-d - so a system very like yours, really!