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Smile please

September 2019



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lizziebuffy2008 in photo_scavenger


Glass-filled sky scrapers

Top of the Rock

New York City, October, 2011.


Clever! And shiny...
Beautiful! Where did you take this from?
Thanks! We were on top of the 30 Rock building.
Can you *imagine* how much glass that is? Wow.
A whole heck of a lot!
Clever, and NYC at its prettiest.
Thanks. I have some at night from the top of the Empire State building that are pretty awesome, but do not show the glass as well.
Perhaps you could post them anyway, because we would all be interested to see them. you were lucky to get such a clear day to take these photos.
I am hoping you mean the night shots that I told nutmeg about...

Top of the Empire State Building

Top of the Empire State Building

Top of the Empire State Building
Sorry. I thought afterwards I didn't really specify what I was hoping to see. These shots are great! Thanks for posting them.
That is ok; I was just making sure...did not want to spam you.;-) Thank you.
Absolutley stunning! It's like a different world. Thanks for posting these as well.
Thank you! and you are welcome.
Oh, you got a MUCH prettier day than I did when we went up the Empire State Building -- it was very hazy, and my batteries went out after like four pictures (which was horrible!), and I didn't have my spares, so...

We didn't go to the Top of the Rock. Now I wish we had...
It was very windy, but we went early in the morning, so it was not very busy. I would recommend it; if you get back.
What a stunning view! Yeah, there must be quite a lot of glas in those building.
That is a wonderful photo. I love cities.
Thank you. I love cities too!
My son proposed to his wife at the top of 30 rock. I think it's the best view of the city--even better than the Empire State Building.

Great interpretation of the prompt!
Thanks. We did the Empire State Building as well, but it was at night, so it was hard to compare.
Lovely day for it:)
We were very lucky and had a mostly gorgeous weekend there.