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Smile please

September 2019



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slaymesoftly in photo_scavenger

Bag and Glass

LJ seems to be over it's little hissy fit about allowing me to post, so here I am playing catch-up:

Bag - this is the backpack in which I lug my laptop around. It went to work with me every day, and this week it's gone in to my daughter's with me every day.

 photo P1010447-1_zpse0f74542.jpg

And, the castle-like building in the background is the Pittsburgh Plate Glass building. It's part of a complex of buildings, all of glass, that are just beautiful (especially at night). Unfortunately, it's such a big complex, and I was so far away, that all I could get on camera was the main, tallest building. I wish I had a better picture (maybe I can find one online?)

 photo CIMG1387_zps49004fd0.jpg

Ok - I didn't take this one. I got it off Google, but it gives you some idea of how interesting and amazing the complex is:

 photo ppg01_zps1267891b.jpg


That building is exquisite!
It's really amazing "in person". :)
Now I want to live in a glass castle! What an utterly gorgeous building.
It really is mind-boggling when you see it for the first time. And it's always beautiful.
That really is an impressive building!
It is, isn't it?
Wow, that building really shows imagination.
I guess if you're in the plate glass business.... but yeah. Who thinks to do that?
That building reminds me of the mirror-covered occasional tables and chests you see in shops... really lovely!
I can see that bag being a major part of your life!

And what a wonderful building.
Those are excellent photos. I love the glass building!
That is gorgeous! It's definitely a must-see if visiting the city. *makes mental note* *misfiles mental note and is unlikely to ever recover it but will have a vague memory of a glass castle somewhere*
LOL - that would be my method of "remembering" things. You can't miss it if you're anywhere near downtown, though. So you probably won't need to remember where it is, just visit the right city by accident someday, and there it wil be.
What an original building:)