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Bag and Glass

LJ seems to be over it's little hissy fit about allowing me to post, so here I am playing catch-up:

Bag - this is the backpack in which I lug my laptop around. It went to work with me every day, and this week it's gone in to my daughter's with me every day.

 photo P1010447-1_zpse0f74542.jpg

And, the castle-like building in the background is the Pittsburgh Plate Glass building. It's part of a complex of buildings, all of glass, that are just beautiful (especially at night). Unfortunately, it's such a big complex, and I was so far away, that all I could get on camera was the main, tallest building. I wish I had a better picture (maybe I can find one online?)

 photo CIMG1387_zps49004fd0.jpg

Ok - I didn't take this one. I got it off Google, but it gives you some idea of how interesting and amazing the complex is:

 photo ppg01_zps1267891b.jpg
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