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Smile please

September 2019



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grey_wonderer in photo_scavenger


I fell behind again, but here is my entry for Bag.

This is a shopping bag from a department store that was located in Charleston, WV.  The store closed in 1983, a victim
of a newly built mall that soon took most of the downtown business away.  The store was a huge part of my life.  It was
the first place in which I *ever* rode or even saw, an escalator. It was the store where I purchased the first
hardback books that I selected and paid for on my own, (The Wind in the Willows and Little Woman, I still have both of them)
I bought my wedding gown there.  It was the place where we purchased our first Christmas tree ornaments
after we were married, and it was the place where I bought my son's 'coming home from the hospital' outfit!
This bag was from Christmas of 1978,  They gave them out to shoppers along with your first purchase if you were
planning on doing more shopping that day so that you could put all of your purchases into one, easy-to-carry bag.

As you can see, the name of the department store was on the top of the bag, and then there were facts
about the Gnome beside of his photo.  The store used the gnome as its holiday emblem for several

It isn't very clear, but if you squint at it, the date is on the bottom of the bag just below the Gnome's feet.
1978.  I kept the bag after one of our shopping trips there.  The store was about an hour's drive from my
home so we didn't shop there every day.  That was part of what made it special.

I hadn't thought about the bag for some time now, until this prompt.  I've always wanted to frame it and put
it on the wall and thanks to this prompt, I have measured it for a frame.
Now, all I have to do is purchase the frame.

For anyone who might have an interest in old department stores, here is a link to more information about
The Diamond.


Such marvelous memories. That's a very special bag indeed.
I feel bad that I've left it in the closet all this time. I should have framed it long ago.
That is a lovely bag, and it deserves to be framed and placed on the wall. It must have been sad when the store closed.
It was very sad. It seems so odd to me that it is gone and for a long time I didn't shop in the outlet store that replaced it. Lol. As if that mattered!
I can relate totally to that.
How cool and how special with all those memories attached to it.
I should have framed it long before now.
What a brilliant bag. Such a shame the store closed.
I still miss the store. I miss it most at Christmas time. They had lovely window displays and it was all so pretty!
Nice bag.

(Incidentally, the drawing is by a Dutch artist, Rien Poortvliet. I have a few of his books.
Oh, how cool to know the name of the artist! Thank you! It's strange but I don't believe that information is anywhere on the bag and it really should be. When I frame it, I'll include that along with the store information. I'm going to look the artist up now that you have provided a name. Thank you!
I looked at the images and now I'm wondering if maybe there was a bag with the female gnome on it too. If so, it would be lovely to have it and display them side by side. I have no idea if a bag with the lady gnome existed or not but it really should have. Thanks again for the link and the information.
There really should have been:)

I love the sentiment associated with this bag even more than the bag itself - and it's a pretty cool bag. :-)
Yeah, I got all "memory-lane-ish" about it. I need to frame it before it gets damaged. It's a wonder its in such good condition after all this time.
I used to shop at a department store that died when the malls came in, too. I have fond memories of Stiefel's. Generic mall stores don't have the same personality as those individual department stores.

Framing the bag will bring back nice memories each time you see it.
Ah, so you know what it's like. Doing all of your shopping in one store was fun. We used to get one thing to eat afterward in the little sandwich shop on the top floor. It was a treat after finishing the shopping. I miss that.