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September 2019



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Pumpkin Pie

wildrider in photo_scavenger


I know there's already been a post of Dale Chihuly glasswork, but I came across some of the pictures I took when he did a display here at the Desert Botanical Gardens, and thought, "Hey! Glass!"

When the exhibition wrapped up and left, Chihuly donated a few of his sculptures, which remain at the Gardens today:


Gosh - I think the more of his work the better! I have been staring at that second picture - it is the three bright yellow/green plants that are the sculptures, isn't it?
Yes! I love those -- I don't know how many pictures I've taken of them, since they're right at the entrance and we've been several times since the exhibition left! :)

I have tons more, but haven't uploaded all of them.
They're fascinating. I would definitely walk up for a closer look at those.
I do love his work. He did a wonderful job of creating sculptures that worked in harmony with the surroundings.
I find it fascinating the way his sculptures adapt to any environment. You are so lucky to have seen them in person.

Edited at 2013-04-13 09:13 pm (UTC)
He does a lot of work that's on display out here (I'm not sure where he's located, but Vegas is practically swimming in Chihuly art).
Very nice:)
Love these!
Those are all gorgeous in context, but especially the green plants. It took me a second to realize they weren't real.
I can't imagine having those delicate pieces outdoors. We had hail just last night. I don't think they'd last long in Kansas!
How amazing. There can't be enough of his work! He is all new to me so I'm happy to have discovered his art.
Beautiful! Those are just stunning!