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Smile please

September 2019



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Friendship - mucun

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Since we all need some distraction today, and thoughts of a hopeful future, here are two books that are waiting patiently for me to retire and have more time for leisure activities. I can't wait to learn Sign (i.e., re-learn everything I've almost totally forgotten). I find it a fascinating and beautiful language. These books are old, and no doubt out of date, but it'll be fun to finally devote some time to them.

sign language books


Very neat! And good luck with getting the chance to learn.
Thank you.
I hope you do learn this language. Any people who also understand it will be happy to have the opportunity to converse with you. Very neat interpretation of sign.
Thank you. Once upon a time I could converse/understand a bit, and it came in handy several times.
I used to have a copy of the American Sign Language dictionary. :) I learned some signing, but never really became fluent. May you have better luck than I did!
Thanks! It's been a lifelong dream of mine.
That is something I'd like to learn as well. Maybe some day! :)
Let's both try to do it... someday!
Great interpretation of the prompt! I also always wanted to learn to sign at least a bit, but never got further to the finger alphabet at the time. I have forgotten most of that by now, too, I'm afraid.

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I have plans to learn, and truly hope I get to it someday.
I've always wanted to learn, but without someone to use it with, I'm afraid I'd forget quickly.
That's what happened to me. I took classes, but then... it was 'use it or lose it', regretfully.
Very good use of the prompt! I wouldn't have thought of this. I do love to watch people sign. It is so expressive and it has a musical flow to it somehow.
Whenever there's a news event where someone is signing, that's the person I'm watching.