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Having a little bit of a catch up (school holidays always seem to take me away from the internet!).

Firstly here are some bags full of records - recently returned from the lockup to be put back up into the loft (didn't want them up there last year when we had the roof off!). If only we still had a turntable, browsing through these with that wonderful 'record' smell brought back memories of younger days and made me want to listen to them all again.

Week 14 - Bag
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  • Fast

    Just happened to have taken this one last week:

  • track

    ETA I kinda forgot the rules. This isn't my picture, my friend took it. I'll dig out one a actually took and add it to the post. Which may take a…

  • Notice

    This sign was on a dock in Scotland. We had a lot of fun trying to figure out what it meant. Still don't know.

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