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Smile please

September 2019



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Lunar Eclipse

ysilme in photo_scavenger

Sign - Cat crossing!

Found this on our trip to Blekinge, Sweden in 2011, on the skerry Tjurkö south of Karlskrona: the only sign I have ever seen warning for crossing cats!

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Lovely. But I wonder why......
Yeah, we did, too. But since the road leads literally to nowhere and it's a very small skerry, too, we're hopeful that they put it up for prevention, nothing else.
Got the back-and-forth, will-I-or-won't-I perfectly right, didn't they?
Haha, yes! :o)
Love it! My neighborhood could use 'dog crossing' signs.
That is totally charming, and wondrously green as well!
Thanks! Well, end of July, high summer in Sweden... meaning it's relatively hot, but still often enough cool, rains often... *g* This was even the hottest summer everybody there remembered.
We have just had the hottest summer ever recorded, and the 'sunburnt country' looks even more burnt than usual. Parts of my lawn have survived and become green again, but I will have to buy seed and sprinkle it in the parts where it is very dead. I am beginning to think there may be some advantage in growing native plants, as they will survive, but unfortunately I grew up loving the green gardens of Europe and North America.
Having native plants doesn't necessarily help against large brown spots on the lawn or rather meadow what we have. Ours are caused by Teh Vole Invasion From Hell, and there is nothing really we can do about it, except digging up the whole garden. Which would mean the green is then gone, too.
I was really thinking of the thirsty European plants in my garden, which have needed to be watered every day, and some of which have died. There are native plants that have self-seeded in the borders, and of course they survived happily without water all summer.
D'awwww, I love it.
Thanks! Great cat icon.
Love the squiggly arrow!
Very fitting, isn't it? ;o)
Welcome! I've seen a cat-crossing sign somewhere on our island, but not as neat as that one.
Thank you! This is a very nice place to be! :o)
If you ever come across that sign again, would you photograph it for me, please? *puppy eyes*
This made me smile.
Thanks! :o)
Oh really? I've never seen signs like that. Cool. They must have many cats there. :D
Actually, we didn't see any at all. ;o)