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September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


People have been using this very post box to communicate, from a tiny hamlet on the north of a tiny island, with the whole wide world for over 110 years.

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That's a wonderful item to share with us.
Thank you. It might be even older - but it was forged and then set into that wall sometime during the reign of Victoria.
Don't often get the Victorian ones around now, do we?
There are a couple of others on the island, usually, like this one, in slightly out of the way places, but they are rather rare!
Lovely! That's about the most battered box I've ever seen; they usually catch the red paint before it's so faded. But it is rather gorgeous.
It is a rather nice bit of faded Victoriana! The post office obviously haven't just forgotten it, as letters posted in it make it to their destinations - but the man with the red paint just doesn't seem to have made it that far north.
What a fascinating and historical post. It is well worn. I wonder how many of them still exist in Britain as a whole?
Victorian ones like this? A few hundred I would think - and quite a lot more Edward 7th ones. I should try for one for each monarch up to Elizabeth 2! Now there's a challenge for the next few weeks.
That kind of continuity is just amazing.
I guess there has been no need to replace it - it is still fairly weather-proof and functional!

I'm not sure how long it has been there - it could well have been longer - but as it was put there when Victoria was on the throne (The VR tells you that), it has to be at least 112 years.
I remember the days when a mail box was located every few blocks. I think the closest now is the actual Post Office!
We have them dotted around still - I saw one tucked into a hedge today, up a glen about 2 miles or so from the nearest sub-post office.
*picks jaw from floor* I just realised the true age of the post box... this is so awesome! And the stories the box could tell, if she would have been able to read all those missives...
And the stories the box could tell, if she would have been able to read all those missives...

Do you know, that hadn't occurred to me. There will have been letters to sons and husbands in the trenches of WW1, and those fighting in WW2, to the family members who emigrated to Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand - so many Manx people did, then there would have been letters simply to friends living a village or two away to ask them to tea on Sunday, or to let people know of a family birth or death...

What a fascinating idea!
Yes, my inner storyteller always hooks on ideas like these! ;o)
I love UK box boxes! Thank you for sharing this one.
We are so used to them that it amuses us if we see people taking pictures of them, or the red phone boxes; but this one is such a faded one that it really appealed to me.
A lovely bit of history:)
Aw. It's cute!
Practical, though!