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September 2019



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St Georges Day

debris4spike in photo_scavenger


This was a picture I actually took last year, and couldn't find a better answer to the prompt.

For those who don't live in England, you may not know that one of our counties, the most westerly, is also a Duchy (Prince Charles is Duke of Cornwall) ... but for the "locals", they say that it should be a separate country. It is Celtic, and does have it's own language, as you can see by the sign.

 photo DSC_03842_zpsbd9e1920.jpg



That's very cool. And you've taught me something new.

I lived in Cornwall for 25 years, and was never a "local" ... but the heritage and history is fascinating.
Cornish is odd - it sort of looks familiar, but not quite!
Maybe some of the words are similar to Manx? Cornwall recon that it is an island as the Tamar starts 5 miles from the north ... and there is another river that starts not far away that heads north.
'Welcome to Cornwall' in Manx would be 'Ta Yn Chorn cur failt errui' - but 'dynergh' looks like Manx - except it would be a negative of some sort...
When I was very young we lived for a few years in Wales - I had to learn the language there ... but sadly don't remember it at all, so can't do another Celtic comparison.
Very interesting! I think I knew it was a Duchy, but I didn't know the locals think they should be a separate country.
The border is actually 99%water, so I suppose they think they have a valid argument ... more so that either Wales or Scotland!!
Fascinating picture and history. Since it has its own language and history I can understand why the people there consider it to be a separate country.
The border is actually 99% water, so I suppose they think they have a valid argument ... more so that either Wales or Scotland!!

They are all very proud of their "nationality"
I had no idea Cornwall had its own language! "They" were right. You really do learn something new every day.
Cornwall is a fascinating county!

mmmmmmmm, now Im wondering what I shall learn today!
I live in a lovely part of the world.
Nice answer to the prompt! :o) It reminds me of the glorious trip I took with my best friend after we finished school, six weeks through Devon and Cornwall... it had been one of the best holidays of my life.
I have lived here for 15+ years and they are 2 beautiful counties.

Glad I brought back good memories
That is a very interesting sign. I like the signs with two languages on them. When I visited Wales I enjoyed the signs almost as much as the castles. *almost*
I lived in Wales for a few years as a kid, and had to begin to learn the language.

It is lovely that such things are maintained and not lost to "progress"
So is that the same as Welch? I've been to Wales and simply couldn't read the signs.
Both languages are of Celtic origin ... so I think they may have some basic similarities, but otherwise are 2 distinct sets of words.