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September 2019



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Audrey tellement francaise

brutti_ma_buoni in photo_scavenger

Mass Communication

The noticeboards at a major London overground station. There's a lot to communicate!

2012-07-23 19.12.19

Under the cut, who is being communicated with? Quite a lot of people, really... (It's July last year, about 7pm, so not actually the height of the rush hour.)

2012-07-23 19.17.57


That is communication on a grand scale!
It is a wee bit shouty, is Waterloo on a busy night. All that info trying to be seen and heard.
Great response!
Very busy!!
This isn't the worst! (Though I think there were some minor delays, from memory, so it probably is busier than usual for a bit after the peak.)
And quite a high tech communication it is!
It's come on a long way since manual sign changing (which I *just* remember at smaller stations), and flickover signs that only showed a finite number of options (which I definitely remember from not so long ago - the clatter as a whole board of 15 announcements flicked over to move up one or two places in somewhere like Waterloo!).
That is a really good take on communication, and where would they all be without it?
*g* Milling chaos (and very shouty announcements echoing round the station) from bitter past experience...
Whew! Lots of people going lots of places.
Oh, yeah... This is Waterloo, which is almost entirely for commuters, so lots of people and lots of lines radiating from it.
I adore the mass transit in London. So many ways to get through the city and it's all so efficient! I live in a small town and if you don't have a car of your own around here, you aren't going to get far. On the other hand, since it is so small, there isn't anywhere to go. These are wonderful photos.
Good one:)
That certainly shows one extreme of communication well. (It also makes me realise how long it's been since I've been to London... *g* )
Oh yes, that's a huge communication board. Good response to the prompt.

Something you need when traveling and something that never fails to make me stressed and nervous cause I am so bad at finding the information I need. :o