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September 2019



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grey_wonderer in photo_scavenger


I'm behind yet again!
Here's my post for the prompt, Glass.
This is an old power plant by the Mississippi River in New Orleans.
I took this photo while on a river boat there and couldn't resist snapping multiple shots
of this old place.  As you can see, a great deal of the glass is broken but there was just something about the place that
caught my attention.


Faded gloryutility; very atmospheric
I love old buildings.
It is an interesting pic, I particularly like the window glass in it's haphazard arrangement.
Thank you! I snapped dozens of photos of that one building. I get carried away when I find something that unique.
It amazes me how ornate the power plants were back in the day. Much prettier than the modern ones.
I know! I'm a huge fan of older buildings with character. Maybe it's because I'm an old character myself.
You can just sense all the history there.
It certainly must have a story or two to tell. : )
That's really beautiful. Was the glass as iridescent (sp?) as it appears, or was that a reflection of the sky?
I suspect that it was a reflection but I can't be certain. I didn't get a chance to get that close to it. I took these from the deck of a boat as we passed by and I do remember that it was overcast that day, but the sky was that bright white that sometimes you get before or just after a storm. The windows look as if they are winking at you, don't you think?
I really like that picture. It would make a really good jigsaw.
Oh, I love ruined buildings! Very awesome.
I think they make for great photos. They have more character than new buildings.
I love jigsaw puzzles! It would certainly make a difficult one, wouldn't it?
I love old buildings even when they are dilapidated. Maybe I love them even more when they are a bit worn and sad.
I completely understand your fascination, this is a very special "lost place".
Well, it's sad that the building is falling apart but I find there's a certain beauty to it.