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When I travel, I always come home with photos of signs, lots of photos of signs.  That's why it was difficult for me to decide on which one
to post.  I have posted several and put all but one behind the cut.

This is another New Orleans photo and it was taken on Canal Street a few years back.

This one was taken during a flood in my home town.  And, yes, stopping might be a good idea at that point unless you're in
a boat.  Also, there is another sign on the building in the back which is kind of amusing since if you have your car parked there
during the flood, you would appreciate towing, wouldn't you?

Here is the sign for my favorite drive-in that is about ten minutes from my house.  I love their grilled cheese
sandwiches and I really love this sign.

These signs were on the door of the little church at the Lanercost Priory in the UK.  We saw the sheep
but we didn't see the aerial eating cows.

This is a Mail Pouch sign on a barn in Ohio.

And this last one is my very favorite sign.

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