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Smile please

September 2019



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wildrider in photo_scavenger


I like taking pictures of signs, too! I'm not sure if I have all my favorites loaded, but here's one I took many years ago when we were up there in the Rockies:

(Ignore the fat chick -- I was over 250 pounds then and I'm not anymore. :) )

The Bridge over the Rio Grande, just north of Albuquerque:

The sign outside of the Six-Toed Cat Cafe, on Key West:

Standing outside of the Hemingway House, also on Key West:

Inside of...

Advertisement disguised as political signage...

If I keep looking through my library I'll find dozens of signs, I'm sure... I was looking for the signs from the Belize Zoo I took a few years ago -- those are a lot of fun. I'm not sure if I have them in Photobucket or if I have to go upload some more!


So many clever responses to this prompt! I hope you find the zoo signs, too.
Thanks for taking us along on your adventures!
I'd love to see Key West someday!

Taking photos of signs is a great way to document a trip.
Ah - another sign collector! And you are a much slimmer lady these days - well done you.
Yes, indeed. I need to find some of my old ones, too -- I always seem to take pictures of the interesting or informative signs, as much as what the sign is in front of!

(I have a NECK now! :D )
I love these, especially the last one. Was there a six toed cat in that cafe? : )
I have tons of sign photos too. I love them.

Edited at 2013-04-28 05:53 am (UTC)
I've always wanted to pop into the lobby of the Chrysler Building, but we've never made the time. One of these days!

You are looking good!
That was one of the places that was a "must!" on our New York trip! I =adore= that building. I took about a million pictures inside the lobby (as far as we were allowed to go in).
Great signs! I like the first best, there seems to be a whole story behind it. Do you know why it's called Cinnamon pass?
No idea! Now I'll wonder, myself.
What a plethora of signs, each one interesting.
So many signs! And great ones too. Wonderful.