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I like taking pictures of signs, too! I'm not sure if I have all my favorites loaded, but here's one I took many years ago when we were up there in the Rockies:

(Ignore the fat chick -- I was over 250 pounds then and I'm not anymore. :) )

The Bridge over the Rio Grande, just north of Albuquerque:

The sign outside of the Six-Toed Cat Cafe, on Key West:

Standing outside of the Hemingway House, also on Key West:

Inside of...

Advertisement disguised as political signage...

If I keep looking through my library I'll find dozens of signs, I'm sure... I was looking for the signs from the Belize Zoo I took a few years ago -- those are a lot of fun. I'm not sure if I have them in Photobucket or if I have to go upload some more!
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