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Smile please

September 2019



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lizziebuffy2008 in photo_scavenger


Some years ago, my husband and I went to Charlotte, NC for a wine festival. It was on Johnston & Wales' (a cooking college) campus and this is what they sell in their campus store...

Other Utensils

Having been used to regular college book-type stores, the hubby and I were quite amused/intrigued by this.


Ooh, I need a pizza cutter like the 2nd one from the left!

What an interesting store.
It was certainly a surprise.
That seems like a very interesting store to browse in.
Yes, they had tons of stuff and cook books; it was hard for my husband to get me out of there.
I would find it hard to get my husband out of a shop like that. He fancies himself as the world's greatest chef.
Having eaten at restaurants of some the best, I know I am not, but I really enjoy cooking and baking, plus all of the stuff to do it with.
I did too, before I injured my back. The kitchen is the worst place to be if you have back problems.
Oh, I'm sorry. I guess the hard floors would be rough on your back.
It's not the hard floors so much as the amount of turning around involved in cooking. You are constantly moving from side to side. As well as having osteo arthritis in my lumbar area, as a result of a fall many years ago I also have 2 vertebra at the waistline that are fused together. This second problem is hereditary. Cooking and ironing are both painful experiences.
:o))) This is really amusing. I didn't even know there are more than one size of pizza cutters!
I am guessing they are "technically" pastry cutters...
That could be, of course. I know pastry cutters only to have a serrated edge, but I'm very likely completely outdated with my knowledge about kitchen ustensils. *g*
Yes, most of the ones I have seen do have a serrated edge; like for making lattice crust pie tops, but I think professional bakers also use smooth edge ones.
That's a hoot.
We were just amazed by it all.
My first thought was Why would a cook need paintbrushes? Clearly I'm not a cook. :-)
Ha! They are actually pastry brushes.
Not your typical student bookstore!
No; not at all.
Looks like a very interesting store. I think I could shop there, but then again, I can usually find something to buy no matter where I go. : )
It was...made we wonder what other specialty college bookstores carried.

Baffling at first sight, but it does make sense
Yes, it does, but it was quite a shock at first.