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Smile please

September 2019



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grey_wonderer in photo_scavenger


This was the absolute best Toys R Us that I have ever been in.  They have a working ferris wheel in the store and the displays are wonderful.

This is from the Lego Store in New York.  It was another favorite.  The store faces the ice rink at Rockefeller Center, you can see
a couple of skaters out the window, and so they have a model of the ice rink built out of Legos in the store.

This is one of about a million identical shops in New Orleans selling voodoo dolls, rude T-shirts, colored beans, and skulls.  I was
in New Orleans a few years back with a friend who insisted on going into every single one of these shop.  It was a long afternoon,
because really, if you've been in one of them, you've been in all of them.

This is one of our local Walmarts in the early morning fog.

and finally, a photo of a shop window on Portabello Road.  I didn't go inside but I had to have a photo of the cat
asleep in the window display.


What a fun assortment! I need to visit a toy store again soon, just to roam around.
I love a good toy store. I enjoy seeing all the new items and having a look at my favorites too.
I want to go to that Toys R Us!
It is so cool! I wanted to get a photo of the ferris wheel but none of the camera angles worked well and it was hard to tell what you were looking at in my photos. LOL It's a very good Toys R Us. They even had someone there taking photos as you came in. It was like an amusement park that way. They took your photo and as you were on your way back out, you could purchase a copy of your photo.
What an interesting post. You certainly get around.
Thank you. I used to get around a bit but lately I haven't been much of anywhere. I love to travel and I miss it. Maybe I'll get the chance again before long.
Aaah, Shopcats are awesome! Lovely specimen, yours is. ♥ And the Lego store! ♥ I've only ever been in one, in Berlin - I simply don't dare, I'm afraid I'm a Lego addict. *g*

Great shots of shops, and great choice. The first one is really cool, too. I also really like the combination of shops you choose, together with your local foggy Walmart.
Thank you! I loved that shop cat. It took me by surprise and at first, I didn't think it was real but then it moved ever so slightly. : )
I love Legos too. Have you seen the photos of the up-coming release of the Tower of Ortanc?

OMG, ORTHANC? I'm doomed. ;o)
Where's that Toys R Us? Because I must go there!
It is in New York City near Times Square. It's worth the trip. : )
Ooooh, I've been there (I used to commute to Manhattan and only live about 45 miles from the City), but they didn't have the ferris wheel then. I think I'll be in Midtown later this month, so I'll try to check it out. :-)
I'm not much of a shopper, but those look great:) Love the kitty.
All very different and wonderful in their own way (even Wal-Mart!).

We loved that Toys R Us (and FAO Schwarz). I know our children enjoyed them more than the museums! There was so much to see.

I love shop kitties!
I just love toy stores and that Toys R Us was beyond wonderful! I loved the giant Barbie House that they had too. The whole place was just fun.
Aw, love the kitten in the window! :D
I was so surprised when I realized that it was a real cat! At first, because it was sleeping so soundly, I thought it was just a part of the display, but then I noticed it breathing. LOL