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This was the absolute best Toys R Us that I have ever been in.  They have a working ferris wheel in the store and the displays are wonderful.

This is from the Lego Store in New York.  It was another favorite.  The store faces the ice rink at Rockefeller Center, you can see
a couple of skaters out the window, and so they have a model of the ice rink built out of Legos in the store.

This is one of about a million identical shops in New Orleans selling voodoo dolls, rude T-shirts, colored beans, and skulls.  I was
in New Orleans a few years back with a friend who insisted on going into every single one of these shop.  It was a long afternoon,
because really, if you've been in one of them, you've been in all of them.

This is one of our local Walmarts in the early morning fog.

and finally, a photo of a shop window on Portabello Road.  I didn't go inside but I had to have a photo of the cat
asleep in the window display.

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