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Store: we store the things that are important to us...

This is where a very important part of my life is stored:
A regular harddrive, in this case the one of my old computer. On it, there are my stories and texts, my fotos, my emails, my music; the necessary info to access all kind of digital things important to me, like blogs, journals, forums, and, mainly, the people I communicate online with. Also, countless things I've found, noted, scanned and stored over time, no matter if important or just silly, and lately also a surprising number of ebooks (or the access to them).
Everything faithfully kept, carefully backupped not only on one device (and still there was some painful loss of a certain amount of pictures) and put back on the next computer. In case of fire the first thing I would have grabbed certainly was my computer! ;o)

Here is another shot of a much smaller hard-drive: the one of my late notebook we took out to deep-erase before throwing away, as it's defunct. I think the backside looks beautiful, and I like to imagine these small lines and dots are really the places where my most important things were, with small paths between them. ;o)

For a completely different and more typical interpretation of "store", have some shots from the same trip to Sweden where I took the picture I posted for the "sign" prompt:
The owners of a small farm had converted their property into a medieval-style, open-air museum setting, with small sheds and outhouses giving the impression of a small village with a village market. They were selling all kinds of goods produced on the surrounding islands in a kind of cooperative, most home-made or -grown, often organic, ranging from herbal tea and honey to home-dyed cloth, wooden gardening and farming tools, seedlings and plants, homespun knitting wool and items made from that to linen clothes designed by a women from the island, though made from industrially-produced linen. The buildings each also have a museum-style function and display the goods as it would have been with the original use. Like gardening tools leaning at the wall of the shed, but with a price-tag. This picture was taken in the "apothecary", where the goods were set out in between all kind of preserving, preparing and storing items. Wild fruit cordials on the top shelf, for example, salt varieties in earthenware pots further down, while the base of the herbal teas dries on a period rack in the foreground and so on.

The next picture shows the shed where also the changing room for the clothes was, with bundles of herbs hung up to dry and this woven container also used for drying plants.

Finally, two other stores in a medieval setting: this time taken on a medieval Advent fair in Germany some years back, on a special open-air-fair area where no electricity is used when dark, just fire, candles, and oil lamps.
This stall sold all kinds of lanterns and candles, probably not very medieval, but very pretty.
The most beautiful sight though was the stall on the music instrument maker.

The triangular instrument is a psalterium, and the two crocodile-style items are ratchets (at least I hope they translate into that!), and a fiddle-like instrument at the right I forgot the name of.

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