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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


storage 1

Wonder what on Earth that has to do with store?

storage 2

Isn't it amazing that I can store, on Kindle and memory stick, what I would have needed a large room full of shelves for only a few years ago?


I know that cover! Oberon's Celtic Hounds. *g* (I love my Oberon Avenue of Trees Kindle cover.)

Your memory stick is lovely... I've never seen one like that.
The Oberon covers are lovely, aren't they?

My shiny memory stick is much admired. I got it on Amazon about a year ago.
That is a very interesting take on 'store' and the cover is an item of great beauty. I like it better than its contents.
I love my kindle dearly - always a choice of reading material in my handbag and no worries, when buying new books, about where on earth to put them.

But I like it even more because the cover makes it look so smart!
Very cute and clever!
Thank you!
*grins* That's awesome.
Thank you!
Ha! I guessed storing words, but not digital ones... What a beautiful case (and thumb drive! - did you make it look like that?).
The kindle cover is from Oberon designs, cost about half as much as the kindle itself - but I love it dearly.

The memory stick was just from amazon, and always catches people's eye - here's something similar.
Great idea for the prompt! And, yes, it is amazing. : )
Thank you. I am in awe of so much that we couldn't have imagined 20 years ago, let alone 50 or 100 years ago.
I saw those thumb drives in a catalog (Victorian Store? I can't remember the title) and I was filled with desire for it, but I couldn't make myself spend that much on a drive that only holds 4 gig (amazing how storage hungry I've become, considering I come from the age of "wow, 5 MEG!"). :)

When I first saw the cover, I thought immediately of a journal, and thought of the storage of memories, but digital storage is awesome!
What I store on it is mostly word documents and Powerpoints - so that an awful lot of stuff still only takes up about half of it. It wasn't that expensive - about £6.50 ($10), and no-one ever mistakes it for theirs!

Of course now, a year later, the 8 gig version is only about £8.50!
Love the cover and the shiny memory stick. The Oberon covers are really nice.
The Oberon covers are gorgeous - mine is much admired.
Ohhh, what a beautiful Kindle sleeve you've got! ♥ I love my Kindle very much for several reasons, as I do love printed books in general, and I also love the haptic feeling books often give. Now and then, somebody says that he/she would never use an Ebook reader because he/she "needs the proper feeling of a book in the hands". Well, if I have my Kindle in its leather sleeve the feeling is much nicer than with the average paperback! :o)

Your interpretation of "store" with ebook reader and memory stick is just perfect, too. Indeed, where would we store all these books now... I have my Kindle now since a year and a half, and it has changed my book keeping habits already considerably. I'm now going for beautiful books, often in special editions, for the shelves, while others are given away (I'm a bookcrosser which gives me the perfect opportunity to do so) and replaced by their digital copies so I can read them when I want, and free shelves for new books.
Well, if I have my Kindle in its leather sleeve the feeling is much nicer than with the average paperback! :o)

That's exactly what I think.

I am replacing a lot of my paperbacks with Kindle ones, too - sadly some of my favourites are only on Kindle in the USA - which is annoying.
What a gorgeous cover and memory stick.
Thank you. I just like the way that both turn something extremely practical into something decorative.
That's a lovely cover!

Clever pic for the challange. And you're right, it is amazing how much you can store on something that small.
Thank you. The cover was something of an extravagance, from Oberon designs. And yet I really needed a cover - so the only real extravagance was the difference in price between that one and a plain one... or so I tell myself!