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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


To get us started...

Preserved fruit;

Pickled pears and blackberry brandy.

Those are pickled pears, and blackberries in brandy.

Or you might go with a Life Preserver...

life ring


Oh my, that fruit sounds yummy. I had plum brandy once, and I wonder if the brandied blackberries taste similar.
They are the same concept - the brandy ends up tasting of autumn, and the boozy blackberries are very good in desserts!
So long as you don't get confused and toss a jar of preserves to a drowning person...

Help! Help! Aaargh....
I really like the composition of the life preserver with the Isle of Man seen behind and through it.I'm sure the preserves are yummy.
Thank you - I do wish I hadn't clipped the edge of the life-ring...

And the pickled pears are one of my favourite things to have with cold meat of cheese.
Ah. You make the preserved food yourself? I think it's great.

I have to admit that making pickled pears and blackberry brandy are about the limit of my usual preserving!
I've not ever canned or done any preserving. I received a dehydrator for my birthday, so I'm going to have fun learning how to use it as soon as the farmer's market has some fresh produce. It would be nice to have dried tomatoes and fruit on hand.
I only get as far as making pickled pears because I love them - and the same with the brandy flavoured with blackberries!

Home drying does sound rather fun, though.
No, it wouldn't do to confuse them; I imagine the one in the harbour is rather chewy...

The preserves look great, as does the framed shot.
Thank you, and yep - not a good thing to get mixed up!
I love that photo of the life preserver. I have one of a life preserver, but I didn't take the photo. The scenery in the background visible through the preserver is stunning. It must be a very beautiful place.
Thank you. It was a lovely, still, day when I took that picture at Port Erin. It is really interesting looking at the places I am so used to through other people's eyes; because you are right, it is a lovely place.
"Life preserver" is a great idea - and a lovely pic. How I would love to be there right now (of course, with the same weather as in the pic, too. *g* )
How do you make the pickled pears? I love fruit preserves who are not only sweet, but have few trusted recipes.
The recipe for pickled pears is here on my journal. I like them with cold meat or cheese - and use some of the pickling liquid as salad dressing too!