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Smile please

September 2019



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Friendship - mucun

shirebound in photo_scavenger


Here are the supplements I take to (hopefully) preserve my health. I had turmeric on the spice shelf, and decided to start making my own capsules and take one daily because it's supposed to be a good anti-inflammatory.



I take green tea too!
I like taking it in capsule form. :)
Very clever interpretation!
Thanks! :)
Very important thing to preserve, your health! I didn't know turmeric was an anti-inflammatory.
Apparently it is; there's a lot of info on the 'net about turmeric and curcumin. After I take it for awhile (it's only been a few weeks) I'll report back on whether I think it's made any difference.
That's a good one. And absolutely, your health is very important to preserve.
Hopefully my five walks a day with Pippin will help, too.
Clever! And clearly you are going to be very well preserved!
LOL, I hope so!
I use to think I was preserving myself by pickling my liver, but I'm more careful with my health these days! How does a person get so inflammatory? I could probably go up in flames with a tiny spark!
Getting older isn't for wimps, that's for sure.

*gentle massages*
Oh, I like this use of the word very much. I should be taking some of those myself but I never remember to do that.
That was a challenging word indeed.
Very interesting take on the prompt! I'm drinking the green tea, at least 0,5l daily. But then I love tea and drink it all day, so it's easy.
I can only handle drinking green tea if it's flavored.

Love your icon. :)
It took me a while to find the kind I like unflavoured - Japanese Bancha. But I like a nice flowery flavour, too, as long as it isn't artificial.

The icon is a pic taken in tea lover's haven, in Paris - the salon de thé of Mariage Frères. It's beautifully decorated in colonial style, they serve all the tea they offer - at quite a price, but you get a whole pot with about a litre, so it's ok - and the most awesome tea delicacies. Scones with tea jelly are literally to die for.